Like most, we’ve had to adjust a little here at Rounded, but we’ve been  continuing to build the best accounting app we can for sole traders.

Recurring invoices update

Last  week we deployed a massive update to recurring invoices. This was one  of the older parts of the system, so we were pretty excited to update  the tech under the hood and give you a truckload of new options for  scheduling invoices.

✅ Recurring draft invoices

You  can now set a recurring invoice to create a draft only. This gives you  the opportunity to review or add any additional items to the invoice  before it hits your client's inbox.

✅ Add unbilled time and expenses to recurring invoices

Unbilled  time and expenses can now be dynamically inserted into a recurring  invoice. This is particularly handy when combined with the option to  create a recurring draft invoice.

✅ Stop date and send limits

Recurring invoices can now be set to stop at a certain date or after a specified number of invoices has been sent or created.

✅ We also sorted a few pesky recurring invoice issues...

  • PDFs can now be attached to the email your client receives
  • Stripe and PayPal can be switched on or off
  • A unique email template for every client on a recurring invoice
  • Select which contacts receive the recurring invoice
  • Improved display of information (client names, invoice numbers etc)

Upcoming webinar: Bringing creative ideas to life with Jasmin Tarasin

Tune  in on the 15th of May for the next installment of Freelance Legends.  Olly will be joined by award-winning film director Jasmin Tarasin to  discuss the ins-and-outs of bringing creative ideas to life. Jasmin was  recently listed in the top 5 directors worldwide for her work on Ad  Forum.

Register on Zoom or watch live on Facebook.

Learning new skills with Monica Davidson and Grant McCall

Last month Monica and I spoke with Olly about the best ways to learn new  skills and how to integrate them into your business to diversify your  offering. There's plenty of tips on choosing the best skills to  compliment your current business plus a heap of online learning  resources to get you started.

Managing finances in troubled times

We  assembled a panel of experts to share their expertise on managing  finances during uncertain times. They covered a wide range of topics,  from maintaining a positive mindset, superannuation options and where to  find day-to-day savings. Our panelists included:

That’s  it for now. We’ll catch you again in a month’s time! As always if  you’ve got any questions or need a hand please give us shout on live  chat inside Rounded.


Grant McCall
Founder and Head of Product